1. Handheld Optical Connector Cleaning Tool and Replacement Cleaning Tape
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    Handheld Optical Connector Cleaning Tool and Replacement Cleaning Tape

    Model OCT-01
    Price:   US$59.50 US$49.99
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This handheld cleaning tool (cassette) is designed to clean the contact surface of fiber optical connectors. It uses replaceable cleaning tape and does not require ethanol or other types of solvents. It provides quick and thorough cleaning to dirty connector surface due to oil, dirt, finger touch, etc. This tool can be used for various connector types.

This tool comes with one cleaning tape installed. Additional replacement cleaning tapes can be ordered using this page.


  • Consistent high quality fiber optical connector cleaning without any type of solvent
  • Pocket size and light weight, easy to use in the lab, production line or on field
  • Cost effective and replaceable cleaning tapes, over 500 times of cleaning for each tape.
  • Excellent anti-static ability to avoid reattachment of dirt to the connector surface after cleaning


  • More than 500 times clean per reel
  • Connector types: SC, SC2, FC, ST, DIN, D4
  • Dimension: 130(W)x75(H)x40(D) mm
  • Weight: 230 g

Replacement Tape:

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