1. 980nm Pump Laser Diode - Butterfly Package
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    980nm Pump Laser Diode - Butterfly Package

    Model LDM-980
    Price:   US$695.00 US$489.00
    Available Options:
    Output Power:
    Pigtail Fiber:

This new 980 nm pump laser diode module has a planar chip fabricated on top of a subcarrier. It generates high optical power and is hermetically sealed inside an epoxy-free and flux-free 14-pin butterfly package. The laser module is fitted with thermistor, thermoelectric cooler, and monitor photodiode. Single mode fiber pigtail (HI1060 fiber) or polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) pigtail is available. The PM fiber pigtail provides excellent side mode suppression ratios (SMSR) over a very wide dynamic range.

This pump laser diode uses FBG (fiber Bragg gratings) to stabilize the emission wavelength. It enables a noise-free narrow band spectrum, even under fluctuation of temperature, drive current, or optical feedback. Wavelength selection is available for applications that require high performance in spectrum control. This module complies with tests in Telcordia GR-468-CORE.


  • Kink-free output power up to 750mW
  • Epoxy-free and flux-free 14-pin butterfly package with PM fiber pigtail
  • FBG wavelength stabilization
  • Integrated thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, and monitor photodiode
  • Excellent low power stability


  • Fiber optical amplifier
  • Fiber laser system




Top View

Ordering Information:

a: Output Power in mW; a=400 for 400mW output power; a=600 for 600mW, etc.
b: Option of FBG at output pigtail; b=F indicating with FBG; b=N no FBG.
e: Output Fiber Pigtail Option; e=S for HI1060 single mode fiber pigtail; e=P for PM 980 polarization maintaining fiber pigtail.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: LDM-980-400-F-P-FA

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980nm edfa pump laser diode with fiber Bragg grating wavelength stabilization high output power up to 320mW. 980 nm wavelength