Order Information  

To Purchase a Product

Simply contact us at email:, we will arrange everything for you. Alternatively, you can make your order online, or fax your purchase order (i.e. by using the product order form) to us directly.

     Online Order

To make an order online, the customer needs to register on this website firstly. The customer user account will be created immediately. For return customers, please log in. By adding the products into the shopping cart, a shopping list can be built up. The shopping list does not need to be checked out immediately. It will be saved in our system even after log off.
To submit an order, please proceed to the Checkout webpages. The delivery and billing details can be modified during the checkout. The shipping cost and tax (if applicable) will be calculated accordingly.
After checking out, the online order request is sent to us. At the same time the customer will receive a confirmation email with order details. Our sales representatives will then contact the customer to finalize their online orders.

The products are delivered to our customers using express couriers, after the lead time. Different products may have different lead time.

     Fax Order

You can also directly contact us to require a formal quotation, and then issue your official purchase order to us.

Following product order form can also be used as purchase order. Click following link to downlaod the order form:



Please fax it to us as your purchase order.


Currently, you have four choices to make payment for orders.

  • Credit card payment     VISA or MasterCards are accepted. Card details are required at the checkout page. However, the card is not automatically charged during checkout. The customer will be firstly contacted for confirmation, before their card is charged. Checkout pages are encrypted with the latest SSL protocol and the card information is NOT and will never be stored on any servers. The card details are distroyed after the order is confirmed and the transaction is finished. This approach ensures 100 percent safety for cusotmer's card.
    Please note currency AUD (Australian Dollar) should be used with this type of payment.
  • Direct wire transfer     Directly transfer the payment into our company's account. We will provide our account details during the checkout procedure or in the formal quotation. You then ask your bank to transfer the correct amount to us. This is the quickest way of payment.
  • Bank cheque or money order     You can also choose to pay using bank cheques or money orders. You can make the order online and post the cheque with the right amount to our postal address. The order can only be processed after we receive the cheque.
  • Net 30 days payment     Selected customers will be offered 30 days credit for their purchases.

Applying for Credit with us for Your Orders

Net 30 days payment terms are provied to selected customers. If your organisation is a government funded research or educational institute, or a public-listed company with reputable record, the 30-day credit arrangement will be offered upon request.

To apply, please email

Low Value Order Fees

US$30 fee is charged for low value orders. The low value order is defined as total order value less than US$300.

Lead Time of Delivery

The normal lead time to product shipping is two to four weeks. Different lead time applies to some products. Please enquire with our sales team.

Price Discount

Discount is offered for online orders valued greater than USD1000. Larger discount is given for larger orders.

Orders of large quantities or values are specially treated with negotiable prices and terms. Please contact us directly.