About Us

About is owned and operated by Bitline System Pty Ltd (ABN 48 093 949 921). We are located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Our business includes designing and manufacturing fiber-optic products, providing consulting service to optical communications companies, and developing photonics design tools and services. We serve the photonics industry and community worldwide.


Our products and services include:

  • Passive fiber optical components, modules and devices
  • Optical fiber pigtailed laser diodes, photodiodes, receiver modules and transceivers
  • Fiber optical patchcords, adapters, sub-components and standard fibers
  • Test equipment for fiber optical networks including power meters, light sources, amplifiers and maintenance instruments
  • Customized fiber optical products
  • Customized optical components


We have a diversified customer based, including research institutions, universities and colleges, telecommunication equipment designers, technology companies, optical network operators and telecommunication service providers. Our customers are located in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt, Panama, Colombia, South Africa, Tanzania etc. offers a comprehensive range of optical fiber products, from passive components to test instruments.

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the stringent quality standards in the industry. We are ready to fulfill your order today and look forward to becoming your long-term provider of fiber-optic components and instruments.


We currently have products in four major categories. Please browse through our online product catalog. New products are added continuously.


We provide customized components and modules, such as thin-film filter based multiplexers, tree or star coupler modules with user-defined structures, add/drop or switching modules, transmitter or receiver sub-systems, etc. Please contact our support team. We will provide you a statisfying solution with low cost.


Quality is the ultimate standard for us on products. We will only deliver products that exceed our stringent requirements and tests. Our strong team of design and application engineers provides continuous support to customers throughout the life of the product.


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Please contact our sales team directly for large orders. We can quote you special prices to suit your order.