1. Single Mode Optical Fiber Patch Cord - HI1060 or HI780 Fiber
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    Single Mode Optical Fiber Patch Cord - HI1060 or HI780 Fiber

    Model SMP
    Price:   £19.33 £16.94
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We provide single mode patch cords for wavelengths such as 780nm, 850nm, 980nm and 1060nm.

Fiber used in making those patch cords are HI1060 fiber, OFS980 fiber or HI780 fiber. Customized length is available.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Excellent repeatability and changeability
  • Each patch cable is manufactured and tested to ensure its quality to meet the highest standard.


We also provide optical connector fiber pigtail with one connector with 0.9mm loose tube, 2mm or 3mm cable.

Ordering Information:

a: Fiber Type; a=HI780 for HI780 fiber; a=HI1060 for HI1060 fiber, etc.
c: Length of the Patch Cord in meter; c=1 for 1 meter, etc.
d: Connector Type; d=SU for SC/UPC, etc. d=SUFU for patchcords with one end SC/UPC and the other end FC/UPC.
e: indicating simplex or duplex patchcord; e=S for simplex cable; e=D for duplex cable.
f: indicating the jacket type of the patchcord; f=0.9 for 0.9mm loose tube jacket; f=2 for 2mm jacket; f=3 for 3mm jacket.

Example: SMP-HI780-1-FA-S-3


Note: we provide customized patch cords, with different connector types and cable lengths at your choice. Please contact us directly for the prices.