1. Optical Fiber Collimator - GRIN Lens or C Lens
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    Optical Fiber Collimator - GRIN Lens or C Lens

    Model CF
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Optical fiber collimator is an important sub-component widely used in fiber optical components and devices. Collimators usually use GRIN lens or C lens to transform the light from a point source (such as laser diode) into parallel light. Collimators are used to couple light between different parts, such as from laser diode to fiber, from fiber to planar waveguide, or from micro-optical crystal to fiber, etc.


  • C Lens or GRIN Lens
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Single fiber or dual fiber


  • Passive fiber optical components, laser diodes, or planar waveguide circuits, etc.


Order Information:

w: center wavelength in nm. w=1550 for 1550nm, etc.
t: type of the lens, t=C for C lens; t=G for GRIN lens.
s: number of the fiber pigtail; s=1 for single fiber pigtail; s=2 for dual fiber pigtails.
a: indicates the diameter of the lens in mm. a=1.8 for 1.8mm.
b: the working distance of the lens in mm. b=5 for 5mm.
c: fiber type. c=0 for 250 micron bare fiber; c=1 for 900 micron loose tube.
d: connector type. d=N for no connector; d=FA for FC/APC, etc.

Example: CF-1550-G-1-1.8-5-1-FA