1. 40-Channel 100GHz Athermal AWG Module
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    40-Channel 100GHz Athermal AWG Module

    Model AWG-100-40
    Price:   US$1,680.00 US$1,290.00

This module is a high performance DWDM mux/demux product based on silica-on-silicon planar technology (AWG or arrayed waveguide gratings). It has a unique athermal packaging design that achieves temperature compensation passively with no requirement on electrical control. It is a completely passive module that has high stability and reliability.

This module has 100GHz channel spacing and performs 40 channel multiplexing or demultiplexing at the ITU wavelengths in C or L bands. It offers a combination of low optical insertion loss and high channel isolation along with long term reliability and low cost per channel

Each channel has broad Gaussian spectral response. Customized frequency grids, fiber types and connectorisation options are also available. Input and output fibers, such as SM fibers, MM fibers and PM fiber can also be customized to meet special requirements.



  • Passively compensated atherma AWG technology
  • 40 Channels, C+L bands, mux and demux, 100GHz spacing
  • Low insertion loss
  • High channel isolation
  • High stability and reliability


  • DWDM optical networks
  • Fiber optic amplifiers


Order Information:

b: Start Channel Number; b=C39 for channel 39 at C band, etc.
c: Fiber Pigtail Length in meter, c=1 for 1 meter, c=0.5 for 0.5m, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=LU for LC/UPC, etc.

Example: AWG-100-40-C60-1-LU