1. 1310nm DFB MQW Laser - High Power Analog Module
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    1310nm DFB MQW Laser - High Power Analog Module

    Model LDM-1310-DH
    Price:   US$520.00 US$439.00
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This 1310 nm DFB laser is a specially designed laser module for high performance analog optical transmission systems. It has high linearity, 2GHz direct modulation bandwidth, excellent CSO and CTB specifications, and high output power. It is ideal for applications in CATV optical systems, intensity modulation optical transmitters, etc.

This laser uses MQW DFB laser diode and has 14-pin butterfuly package. There is built-in thermo-electric cooler (TEC) and built-in isolator.


  • High output power MWQ DFB laser diode at 1310nm
  • High linearity performance
  • 2GHz direct modulation bandwidth
  • Built-in isolator and TEC
  • 14-pin butterfly cooled package, single mode fiber pigtail
  • Output power from 4mW to 20mW


  • Analog optical CATV systems
  • Optical broadcasting or point-to-point systems
  • Intensity modulation analog optical transmission systems


Absolute Maximum Ratings:


Recommended Operating Conditions:


Specifications: (room temperature, 25C degree)


Pin Definition:


Package Outline:


Note: we provide you customized testing or evaluation circuit boards for this laser diode. Please contact us for details if you need such evaluation board.

Ordering Information:

a: Maximum Output Power in mW; a=6 for 6mW; a=10 for 10mW; a=20 for 20mW, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: LDM-1310-DH-18-1-FA


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1310 DFB laser diodes module 14 pin butterfly package? ?istributed feedback ??? laser diode?Analog module, high output power, up to 20mW, built-in TEC and isolator

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