1. Single Mode Star or Tree Coupler Modules
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    Single Mode Star or Tree Coupler Modules

    Model SMCM
    Price:   A$76.70
    Available Options:
    Connector Type:
    Fiber Type:
    Port Number:

The star coupler modules are based on cascading single mode fiber couplers. They are specially packaged for FTTH, optical LAN and CATV networks.

We provide 1xN, 2xN or NxN star or tree coupler modules, with option of single window (1310nm or 1550nm) or dual-window (1310&1550nm), standard bandwidth (+/-20nm) or wide bandwidth (+/-40nm), standard PDL or low PDL modules.


  • Exceptional low excess loss
  • Low PDL
  • Excellent uniformity
  • High stability and reliability


  • Optical Fiber Communication Systems
  • Optical CATV/LAN
  • FTTH


The dimensions of the coupler modules are for reference only. Similar module boxes with slightly different dimension values may be used. Please inquire when ordering.

Note: we can make different types of customized star coupler modules, tree coupler modules, or WDM + coupler modules, totally based on your own design and requirement. Please contact us directly for the prices and specifications.

Ordering Information:

w: Center Wavelength in nm; w=1550, w=1310 or w=1315 (1310 and 1550nm dual wavelength).
a: Port Number of the coupler; a=1x8, a=2x32, etc.
c: Fiber Pigtail Type; c=1 for 0.9mm loose tube pigtail; c=2 for 2mm jacket fiber, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=LU for LC/UPC, d=SA for SC/APC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: SMCM-1550-1x16-2-LU