1. Multimode Optical Fiber Patchcord
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    Multimode Optical Fiber Patchcord

    Model MMP
    Price:   US$9.95 US$7.95
    Available Options:
    Connector Type:
    Fiber Type:
    Type and Length:

FC connector is the most widely used fiber optic connector. Its threaded coupling design accommodates a reliable and durable connection to optical network, especially suitable for advanced fiber optic systems requiring exceptional stability and low reflections.
SC connector is another popular 2.5mm ferrule connector. The pre-assembly plug body provides easy and quick termination. With the plastic clip, two simplex connectors can clip together and form a duplex connector.
ST connector was for use in premises wiring of buildings and other applications. It is the most popular 2.5mm ferrule connector for field assembly. provides multimode optical patch cords with SC, FC and ST connectors. The length of the patch cord can be specified. We also provide multimode patch cords at different wavelengths, such as 630nm, 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm, etc.

Duplex multimode patch cords or other customized configurations are also available.


  • Low insertion loss
  • Good repeatability
  • Good exchangeability
  • High temperature stability


  • Optical fiber communication systems
  • Access networks
  • LAN
  • Optical fiber sensors



Ordering Information:

a: Fiber Type; a=50 for 50/125 micron multimode fiber; a=62.5 for 62.5/125 micron multimode fiber.
b: Application Wavelength in nm; b=850 for 850nm; b=1310 for 1310nm, etc.
c: Length of the Patch Cord in meter; c=1 for 1 meter, etc.
d: Connector Type; d=FU for FC/UPC, etc. d=FUSTU for patchcords with one end FC/UPC and the other end ST/UPC.
e: indicating simplex or duplex patchcord; e=S for simplex cable; e=D for duplex cable.
f: indicating the jacket type of the patchcord; f=0.9 for 0.9mm loose tube jacket; f=2 for 2mm jacket; f=3 for 3mm jacket.

Example: MMP-50-1310-1.5-FU-S-3

Note: we provide customized patch cords, with different connector types and cable lengths at your choice. Please contact us directly for prices.