1. Handheld Three Wavelength Source (650, 850/1310/1550)
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    Handheld Three Wavelength Source (650, 850/1310/1550)

    Model HTLS
    Price:   US$599.00
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The handheld three wavelength light source integrates a dual-wavelength light source and a visual fault locator into a versatile handheld test instrument, catering to more convenient application demands for optical fiber network construction and maintenances. It includes two types of light sources: type A: 650/1310/1550nm for single-mode fiber measurement, and type B 650/850/1300nm for multi-mode fiber measurement.
The red light at 650nm is very useful to field applications, such as patchcord and pigtail inspection, fiber identifying, etc. It offers more than 1mW 650nm light output through 650nm laser. Both type A and B provide two wavelengths that are widely used in single-mode or multi-mode fiber networks.
This instrument uses three 1.5V AA size batteries (no AC adapter).


  • Can be used to locate breaks, micro-bends even through jacketed fibers
  • End-to-end fiber identification
  • Stabilized output power
  • High reliability


  • Telecommunication networks
  • CATV networks
  • Cabling systems engineering
  • Research and educational usage



Note:This laser source has continuous working time of 45 hours.



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handheld three wavelength source 630 850nm optical fiber fault locator test instrument