1. 10Gbps InGaAs PIN-TIA Detector - Coaxial Pigtailed
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    10Gbps InGaAs PIN-TIA Detector - Coaxial Pigtailed

    Model PIN-TIA-10G
    Price:   US$74.90 US$64.95

This module integrates one InGaAs PIN photodiode and one trans-impedance amplifier, achieves 10Gbps bit rate, and provides direct voltage output. This module can be used in optical fiber receivers for optical communication systems.


  • Long wavelength operation
  • Suitable for long wavelength from 1.25Gbps to 10Gbps applications.
  • Package:TO-46
  • Differential output
  • 3.3V low-voltage operation
  • Excellent reliability, meeting EU RoHS requirements
  • Single power supply +3.3V


Pin Assignment


Fiber Pigtailed

Order Information:


a: type of the pigtail fiber; a=9 for 9/125mm single mode fiber.

b: pigtail jacket type; b=1 for 900mm tube jacket.

c: Connector type; c=FA for FC/APC connector, c=STP for ST/PC, c=LU for LC/UPC, etc.

Example: PIN-TIA-10G-9-1-FA