1. 10GHz DFB Laser Diode – 1310/1550nm, Coaxial Pigtailed
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    10GHz DFB Laser Diode – 1310/1550nm, Coaxial Pigtailed

    Model LDM-a-DC10G
    Price:   US$195.00

This DFB laser diode (1310nm or 1550nm) has InGaAs monitor photodiode and optical isolator integrated inside its package. Its direct modulation bandwidth is greater than 10GHz. This laser diode is suitable for applications in optical networks such as optical fiber communication systems.


  • DFB laser diode coaxial package

  • Low threshould driving current and low operating current

  • High bandwidth and reliability


Absolute Maximum Ratings:


Specifications: (room temperature, 25C degree)

Pin Definition:

Package Outline:

Pigtailed Package
Receptacle Package

Order Information:

a: Center wavelength: a=1310 or a=1550
b: Fiber type: b=9 for 9/125μm; b=62.5 for 62.5/125μm.
c: Package type: c=P for pigtailed package; c=R for receptacle
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.
Example: LDM-1550-DC10G-P-1-FA

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1550nm 1310nm DFB distributed feedback laser diodes coaxial pigtailed 10GHz