1. Uncooled 1550nm SLED Diode - Coaxial Pigtailed
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    Uncooled 1550nm SLED Diode - Coaxial Pigtailed

    Model SLED15U
    Price:   US$395.00
This is a low cost 1550nm SLED that has a coaxial TO56 package. This SLED is uncooled and it can operate in a wide temperature range from 0 to 65 C degree.


  • Ex-fiber CW output power of >120μW @ 25 ?C
  • Single mode fiber
  • Center wavelength of 1550nm
  • 3dB bandwidth of >50nm
  • TO-56 pigtail package
  • Operating temperature range 0 to 65 ?C


  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Mirowave photonics
  • Optical component and link tests


Absolute maximum ratings

Specifications (@25?C degree)

Part Description

  • Package type: TO-56
  • Fiber: SMF-28
    • MFD: 9μm
    • Cladding diameter: 125μm
    • Coating diameter: 245μm
    • Jacket: 900μm loose tube
  • Fiber pigtail length: 1m
  • Fiber bending radius: >40mm
  • Connector: FC/APC

Pin Assignment

  • 1 SLED Anode
  • 2 SLED Cathode
  • 3 NC
  • 4 Case


Typical characteristics (@25?C degree)

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