1. WDM Coupler 1480/1550nm - Fused Fiber
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    WDM Coupler 1480/1550nm - Fused Fiber

    Model WDMC-1415
    Price:   US$54.99
    Available Options:
    Center Wavelength:
    Connector Type:
    Pigtail Type:

WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) pump coupler multiplexes pump laser powers at 1480nm and optical signals at 1550 or 1590nm into Erbium doped fiber in an optical amplifier. Usually 1480/1550nm WDM couplers are used in C band EDFAs, while 1480/1590nm WDM couplers are used in L band EDFAs. The typical insertion loss of our premium grade 1480/1550nm WDM couplers is less than 0.15dB and isolation greater than 18dB. With high stability and reliability, this product is an ideal component to be used in optical amplifiers prototyping, testing and manufacturing. This product has passed the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 tests.


  • Low insertion loss
  • Low PDL
  • High wavelength isolation
  • High stability and reliability


  • C or L band Erbium doped fiber amplifiers
  • Pump laser power rejection



Ordering Information:

a: Quality Grade, a=P premium grade, a=A standard grade.
c: Pigtail Type, c=0 250 micron bare fiber pigtail, c=1 900 micron loose tube pigtail, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA FC/APC, d=SU SC/UPC, d=N no connectors, etc.

Example: WDMC-1415-P-0-N

See also: 980/1550nm WDM Couplers and 1064/1550nm WDM Couplers
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