1. Variable Optical Attenuator - Polarization Maintaining
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    Variable Optical Attenuator - Polarization Maintaining

    Model VOA-PM
    Price:   US$279.00
    Available Options:
    Center Wavelength:
    Connector Type:
    Pigtail Type:

This variable optical attenuator is collimator-based VOA assembled with PM fiber at input and output ports. It provides continuously adjustable optical attenuation, while maintains the polarization state of the input light. Various center wavelengths are available, from 630nm to 1550nm.


  • PM VOA, maximum attenuation up to 50dB.
  • High extinction ratio (20dB)
  • Low excess loss and wide attenuation range
  • High environmental reliability


  • Optical power control and equalization
  • Polarization sensitive systems


Order Information:

a: center wavelength; a=1550 for 1550nm, a=980 for 980nm, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: VOA-PM-1550-1-FU