1. Shutter Cap for Adapters - Eye Protective
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    Shutter Cap for Adapters - Eye Protective

    Model ADP-C
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This shutter cap is designed to provide an additional eye protective mechanism to your lightwave system.

This product is used on top of a SC simplex adapter (or LC duplex adapter with SC foot). It has an always-closed cap that prevent any laser emission from the adapter being leaking out, if a connector is taken off the adapter. (See following figure.)

Using this cap, you can ensure that the eye-damaging laser power in your lightwave system is cut out when a connector is (unexpectedly) unplugged from an adapter with this protective cap used.

Although it is a low-cost simple device, it effectively provides additional protection to personnel who operates your fiber optical equipment, and hence increases the security level of your system.

This shutter cap also offers dust-prevention to your equipment.


Note: price is for quantity of 10 units. Minimum order quantity: 10 units.

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