1. Polarization Beam Combiner or Splitter - 1310/1480/1550/1064nm
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    Polarization Beam Combiner or Splitter - 1310/1480/1550/1064nm

    Model PBC/PBS
    Price:   €331.90 €303.37
    Available Options:
    Center Wavelength:
    Connector Type:
    Pigtail Type:
    Power Handling:

Polarization maintaining beam combiner has two PM fiber inputs with orthogonal polarization states. By combining the two polarization states, the output power can be used in some polarization sensitive systems, such as optical fiber Raman amplifiers. Output fiber is single mode fiber or PM fiber. This device handles 500mW to 2W (optional, upon request) CW optical power. Polarization maintaining beam splitter is an 1x2 device, which splits the input light into two outputs. The output fibers are PM fibers, and the power of each port is determined by the power of two orthogonal polarization states. Output light is linearly polarized.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High extinction ratio
  • High power handling (up to 2W, upon request)
  • Epoxy-free optical path


  • EDFA
  • Optical Raman fiber amplifier



Ordering Information:

PBC-w-a-c-d, or PBS-w-a-c-d
w: Center Wavelength in nm; w=1480 for 1480nm, etc.
a: Quality Grade; a=A or a=P.
c: Fiber Pigtail Type; c=0 for 250 micron bare fiber; c=1 for 0.9mm loose tube pigtail, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: PBC-1480-P-1-N