1. Patch Cord with LC/E2000/SMA Connectors
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    Patch Cord with LC/E2000/SMA Connectors

    Model SMP
    Price:   US$9.99 US$7.99
    Available Options:
    Cable Length:
    Connector A Polish:
    Connector A Type:
    Connector B Polish:
    Connector B Type:
    Fiber Type:
    Pigtail Type:

LC connectors have simple push-pull design and are half the size of standard FC and SC connectors. LC connectors are often referred as the next generation fiber optic connectors because they are compact and user-friendly.

In addition of LC-LC patch cords, we also provide LC hybrid patch cords that can be used to connect optical links using different connectors. LC-SC or LC-FC hybrid patchcords can be manufactured to meet your requirement.

SMA or E2000 connectors are also used in some special areas. We provide optical fiber patch cords with those special connector types.


  • Compact and High Dimension Accuracy
  • Dia1.25 mm Ferrule
  • Low Insersion Loss
  • High Return Loss
  • Single or Duplex Cables
  • Compliance with IEC874 Standard


  • Optical Fiber Communication Systems
  • Optical Fiber Test Equipment
  • Optical LAN



Patch cords with different connector types are available. Following picture shows a hybrid patchcord that bridges LC/UPC connector to SC/UPC connector.

Ordering Information:

a: Fiber Type; a=9 for 9/125 micron single mode fiber.
c: Length of the Patch Cord in meter; c=1 for 1 meter, etc.
d: Connector Type; d=LU for LC/UPC, etc. d=LUSU for patchcords with one end LC/UPC and the other end SC/UPC. d=SMA for SMA connectors; d=E2000/APC for E2000/APC connectors
e: indicating simplex or duplex patchcord; e=S for simplex cable; e=D for duplex cable.
f: indicating the jacket type of the patchcord; f=0.9 for 0.9mm loose tube jacket; f=2 for 2mm jacket; f=3 for 3mm jacket.

Example: SMP-9-2-LU-D-3


See also: Hybrid optical adapters
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