1. Optical Source DFB 1550nm
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    Optical Source DFB 1550nm

    Model OS-DFB-1550
    Price:   £1,819.23
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This 1550 DFB laser source is a ready-to-use optical source for lab or testing applications. It uses a DFB laser diode as the laser generation component for the single longitudinal mode output. Customer can specify the wavelength of the laser diode. Automatic power control and automatic temperature control circuits are implemented in the laser driver module. Highly stable output power is achieved. The laser source has internal low frequency square wave modulation. It also provides an external modulation connector so that the light output can be modulated by external signals. Upto 5.9dB attenuation of the output power can be adjusted from the front panel.


  • Automatic power control (APC)
  • Automatic temperature control (ATC)
  • CW, internal modulation and external modulation modes
  • Single longitudinal mode output
  • User specified wavelength at 1550nm +/-5nm wavelength accuracy
  • Central wavelength,output power,attenuation range can be customized.


  • Optical fiber component manufacture & test
  • CWDM & DWDM Optical system test


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1550nm DFB laser module APC ATC laser driver lab and testing applications