1. Optical Isolator Hybrid with WDM Coupler
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    Optical Isolator Hybrid with WDM Coupler

    Model WDM-ISO
    Price:   US$169.00
    Available Options:
    Center Wavelength:
    Connector Type:
    Isolator Stages:
    Pigtail Type:
This special component integrates an optical isolator and a WDM optical coupler together within a compact package. The isolator plus WDM coupler is especially useful for doped optical fiber amplifier design and applications. Two types of WDM couplers are available: 1480nm/1550nm and 980nm/1550nm. The signal at 1550nm window firstly goes through the isolator and then is combined with the pumping laser power at the WDM coupler. Previous stage of optical circuits are protected due to the optical isolation. Signal stage and dual stage isolation are available.
This product reduces the overall cost and simplifies the system structure, while providing improved performance and reliability.


  • Wide operating wavelength range (1550/1480 or 1550/980)
  • Compact size
  • High isolation


  • DWDM systems
  • Fiber optical instruments



Ordering Information:

a: Stage of the isolator; a=S for single stage isolator; a=D for dual stage isolator.
b: ID of Wavelengths of the WDM coupler. b=915 for 980/1550nm WDM coupler; b=1415 for 1480/1550nm WDM coupler.
c: Pigtail Type, c=0 for 250 micron bare fiber; c=1 for 900 micron loose tube pigtail, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: WDM-ISO-S-1415-1-FA

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