1. Optical Fiber Identifier
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    Optical Fiber Identifier

    Model OFI
    Price:   US$890.00
This optical fiber identifier (OFI) is a low-cost handheld instrument that can be used to detect optical signals by simply clamping onto the optical fiber or cable. It identifies the fiber/cable without disrupting the optical communication. This instrument indicates the power level (five grade levels) of the optical signal , its modulation and the transmission direction, without physical intrusion or damage of the fiber/cable. OFI is widely used in optical fiber installation, maintenance and rerouting in optical digital communication or CATV networks. This optical fiber identifier is recommended for 0.25/0.9mm bare fiber or 3mm jacketed fiber. When testing coated fibers, the slim design of the OFI allows easy access to a splice tray where the work space is limited. The clamping trigger is designed to fit the natural movement of the operator?s hands. An impact molded plastic case makes the OFI suitable for use outside plant or in the central office.


  • Easy and convenient operation with a single keystroke
  • Easily identify light transmission direction and modulation frequency without interrupting the fiber (three signal frequencies, 2kHz, 1kHz and 270Hz)
  • Two different adapters provided for optical fiber and cable identification (250, 900um fibers and 2mm, 3mm cables)
  • Displays five levels of optical signal intensity using LED
  • Low battery indication


  • Optical fiber network field applications - maintenance and engineering
  • Lab applications


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