1. Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer - Light Weight
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    Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer - Light Weight

    Model OFFS-LT
    Price:   US$2,999.00

The OFFS-LT fusion splicer is a versatile, user-friendly, and light weight single fiber fusion splicer. It is suitable for R&D labs and in-field network maintenance. It has indutrial grade CPU+FPGA high performance structure, new HD optical microscope, high speed motor, and aluminum-magnesium alloy metal body. This module has significantly reduced weight, dimensions, and power consumption. It has fast splicing (7 second), large color LCD display, large replaceable battery, USB port, and multiple display language option.


  • Precise fiber core alignment
  • Fast fusion splicing 7s, highly efficient heat shrinkable process 18s
  • 320 times image magnification, 5mm fiber length for short cutting length
  • 300 fusion splicing modes, 100 heating modes
  • 10000 set fusion record data memory, 64 images memory
  • Ceramic pressor foot, ceramic V-block, all in one splicing fixture
  • Dual direction splicing, automatic splicing
  • USB and SD card port
  • Modular Lithium batteries, 220 times splicing and heating cycles
  • 8000 splice results storage memory
  • Multiple language interface
  • Core alignment
  • Accessories such as fiber cleaver and fiber stripper are included.


  • Telecom network maintenance
  • CATV network maintenance
  • R&D applications in the lab



This splice is light and compact. It can be lifted by one hand.

It also incorporate water resistant design, and dust- and shock resistant design, which meet IP52 requirements.

The splice uses new designed all-in-one optical fiber fixture, which accommodates optical fibers with cladding from 80 micron to 150 micron.

The splicer also has a large LCD touch screen and graphic interface, to provide users with easy and friendly interface.

The Lithium battery is a plugable module. It has large capacity to support 220 times splicing and heating cycles.

An optical fiber cleaver is included in the package.

Package Items

Following items are included in the standard package:

Fusion splicer, AC adapter, AC power cord, internal battery (optional), spare electrode, user manual, carry case, fiber cleaver, fiber stripper.

Order Information: