1. Optical Fiber Collimator - Miniature, C Lens
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    Optical Fiber Collimator - Miniature, C Lens

    Model CFM
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This optical fiber collimator is designed to have miniature dimensions. Collimators are used to couple light between micro-optical components and optical fiber pigtails. Mini collimators can reduce the overall size of the optical device.


  • C Lens
  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Diameter of 1.3 or 1.4mm available, length 7mm, glass tube package


  • Passive fiber optical components, laser diodes, or planar waveguide circuits, etc.



Order Information:

w: center wavelength in nm. w=1550 for 1550nm, w=1216 for 1260~1620nm, etc.
a: indicates the diameter of the lens in mm. a=1.3 for 1.3mm.
b: the working distance of the lens in mm. b=5 for 5mm.
c: fiber type. c=0 for 250 micron bare fiber; c=1 for 900 micron loose tube.
d: connector type. d=N for no connector; d=FA for FC/APC, etc.

Example: CFM-1216-C-1-1.3-5-1-FA

Note: minimum 50pcs. order quantity required for this product.