1. Optical Adapter - PC to APC (male/female), FC/SC/LC
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    Optical Adapter - PC to APC (male/female), FC/SC/LC

    Model ADP-MF
    Price:   US$14.90
    Available Options:

This adapter converts FC/PC to FC/APC, or vice versa. FC/PC and FC/APC connectors are widely used in fiber optical devices, equipment and systems. It is a common problem many people have when they use those two types of connectors: those connectors can not join with each other, because their tips are polished differently.

To connect one device having FC/PC interface with one FC/APC interface, an option is to use a piece of optical patch cord that has FC/PC and FC/APC at its ends. This is an easy solution but sometimes patch cord is not desirable because of its length, and the need to use two extra adapters.

A better solution, is to use the FC/PC to FC/APC adapter. This adapter is small, has low insertion loss, and simplifies the system by providing male-to-female connectivity and removes the need to use two extra adapters.

For example, if you want to connect FC/APC "plug" to a FC/PC "socket", you can then use the FC/PC male to FC/APC female adapter. If you want to connect FC/PC "plug" to a FC/APC "socket", then you should use the FC/APC male to FC/PC female adapter. (Please note the description of "FC/APC male to FC/PC female" means this adapter has a FC/APC plug and a FC/PC socket.)

Now SC and LC type of hybrid PC to APC adapters are also avaiable.


  • FC/PC to FC/APC conversion (SC/PC to SC/APC, LC/PC to LC/APC types are also available)
  • Female to male adapter
  • Metal body
  • Compact
  • Excellent optical performance
  • Various fiber type options, including SMF-28, MMF 50 or 62.5, HI780, PM 1550, etc.


  • Optical Fiber Communication Systems
  • Optical Fiber Test Equipment

FC type PC to APC adapters

SC and LC type PC to APC adapters

Order Information:

a: the type of the adapter. a=PMAF for FC/PC (or SC/PC, LC/PC) male to FC/APC (or SC/APC, LC/APC) female adapter; a=AMPF for FC/APC male to FC/PC female adapter.

x: x=FC for FC type adapters; x=SC for SC type adapters; x=LC for LC type adapters.

f: fiber type and wavelength of the adapter. f=SM-1550 indicates the fiber is SMF 9/125 micron fiber; f=MM50-850 indicates the fiber is 50/125 micron and is for wavelength 850nm; f=PM-1310 indicates the fiber is PM (polarization maintaining) 1310 fiber

Example: ADP-MF-FC-PMAF-SM-1550