1. Mini Broadband ASE Light Source
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    Mini Broadband ASE Light Source

    Model ASE-C-M
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Rare-earth-doped silica fibers can generate broadband incoherent light sources operating in the 1.5 to 1.6 micron wavelength region. These light sources are called ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) sources and they can be used to evaluate optical components, optical sensing systems and to be used as incoherent light sources. provides mini sized ASE light modules (C band) with various output power levels to choose from and with a gain-flattened option (using gain flatten filter) for flat output spectra.


  • Mini size:90*70*16mm
  • Broadband spectrum output, covering C band
  • High output power
  • High stability
  • Easy user interface and control


  • Fiber grating, DWDM filter, CWDM filter, AWG test
  • Optical fiber gyro and fiber sensors
  • Fiber communication equipment test


Ordering Information:

a: indicating whether GFF is required; a=G for "with gain flattening filter"; a=N for no GFF.
b: Total Output Power in dBm; b=14 for output power of 14dBm, etc.

Example: ASE-C-M-N-14

Typical ASE spectrum (no GFF)

Typical ASE spectrum (with GFF)

See also: Benchtop ASE Light Source and Mini EDFA Modules
ASE source mini size, operation wavelength C band and L band, output power 7.0dBm to 15.0dBm, with or without Gain Flattening filter, spectrum flatness <2dB, size 90 x 70 x 16mm.

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