1. Inline Fixed Optical Attenuator
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    Inline Fixed Optical Attenuator

    Model FOA-IL
    Price:   US$18.90 US$16.99
    Available Options:
    Center Wavelength:
    Connector Type:
    Pigtail Type:

Our in-line fixed optical attenuator is a compact passive fiber optical component that provides accurate attenuation. The attenuator is packaged with fiber pigtails so that it can be easily connected into the optical fiber systems.
Single mode fiber based attenuators with single window (1310nm or 1550nm) or dual window (1310&1550nm) are available.


  • High accuracy in optical attenuation
  • Small package
  • Wide bandwidth
  • High return loss and low PDL


  • Optical Telecommunication Systems
  • Optical Local Area Networks
  • CATV Systems
  • EDFAs



Ordering Information:

a: Center Wavelength, a=1310, 1550 or 1315 (for 1310 and 1550nm dual wavelengths), etc.
b: Attenuation in dB; b=1 for 1dB; b=15.5 for 15.5dB, etc.
c: Pigtail Type, c=0 for 250 micron bare fiber pigtail, c=1 for 900 micron loose tube pigtail, etc.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: FOA-IL-1310-12-0-N