1. CWDM DFB Optical Laser Source
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    CWDM DFB Optical Laser Source

    Model OS-DFB-C
    Price:   US$2,490.00 US$2,190.00
Relying on highly accurate automatic power control (APC) and automatic temperature control (ATC) techniques, the CWDM DFB laser sources deliver very stable output power in both short and long operation time span. These light sources can work at CW, internal modulation, and external modulation modes. CWDM DFB laser generates a narrow linewidth, single longitudinal mode laser power. It has output within +/-3nm of one of following wavelengths: 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 and 1610nm.


  • Automatic power control (APC)
  • Automatic temperature control (ATC)
  • CW, internal modulation and external modulation modes
  • 1550nm single longitudinal mode output
  • CWDM wavelengths (1470 to 1610nm) +/-3nm wavelength accuracy


  • Optical fiber component manufacture & test
  • CWDM Optical system test


Ordering Information:

a: Wavelength in nm; a=1470 for 1470nm, a=1510 for 1510nm, etc.

Example: OS-DFB-C-1530