1. Cooled SLED 1310nm - Butterfly Package
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    Cooled SLED 1310nm - Butterfly Package

    Model SLED13B
    Price:   US$1,950.00
    Available Options:
    Output Power:
    Pigtail Fiber:
This is a high performance 1310nm SLED module that has TEC integrated within a 14-pin butterfly package. It has high output power (>2mW or >5mW, optional), and wide bandwidth. This product is suitable to provide wideband optical source.


  • Output power greater than 2mW (or 5mW)
  • 1310nm center wavelength
  • Polarization maintaining fiber (PMF) or SMF output pigtail fiber
  • 3dB bandwidth greater than 40nm (for 2mW output power) or 45nm (for 5mW output power)
  • Wide operating temperature with internal temperature control


  • Optical fiber sensors
  • Mirowave photonics
  • Optical component and link tests


Absolute maximum ratings:

Specifications (@25C degree):


Pin definition:

Typical characteristics (@25C degree):

Ordering Information:

a: Output Power in mW; a=2 for 2mW output power; a=5 for 5mW, etc.
e: Output Fiber Pigtail Option; e=S for single mode fiber pigtail; e=P for PM polarization maintaining fiber pigtail.

Example: SLED13B-2-P-FA