1. ASE Light Source - C+L Bands
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    ASE Light Source - C+L Bands

    Model ASE-CL
    Price:   £4,106.97
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    Output Power:
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The ASE-CL light source produces a broadband optical output ranging continuously from 1525nm to 1610nm, covering both C band and L band. The amplified spontaneous emission output is generated from Erbium doped fiber pumped by multiple laser diodes. It is designed to achieve high output power and highly stable and reliable operation.

Modules with gain flattening filter are also available.


  • Wide spectrum output (C and L bands)
  • High output power
  • High stability
  • Output power from 10dBm to 20dBm available
  • GFF optional



Ordering Information:

a: Total Output Power in dBm; a=10 for output power of 10dBm, etc.

Example: ASE-CL-10

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