1. ASE Light Source - C Band
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    ASE Light Source - C Band

    Model ASE-C
    Price:   US$2,990.00
    Available Options:
    Output Power:

The ASE-C light source produces a broadband optical output ranging from 1525nm to 1565nm (C band). The amplified spontaneous emission output is generated from a piece of Erbium doped fiber pumped by high power 980nm or 1480nm laser diodes. It features high output power and highly stable and reliable operation.


  • Wide spectrum output (C band)
  • High output power
  • High stability
  • Different output power levels to choose: 10dBm~23dBm


Typical Specification:

Ordering Information:

a: Total Output Power in dBm; a=17 for output power of 17dBm, etc.

Example: ASE-C-17

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