1. Analog PIN Photodiode - 2.5GHz pigtailed
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    Analog PIN Photodiode - 2.5GHz pigtailed

    Model PD-A-25
    Price:   €25.62 €23.73
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    Connector Type:
    Pigtail Fiber:

This analogy photodiode is designed for analog optical links with bandwidth up to 2.5GHz. It has a wide wavelength range (1.1 to 1.6 micron), pigtailed optical input and a compact package. It is a very cost effective and ready-to-use product.


  • Active detecting area diameter 75 micron
  • Low dark current
  • High responsivity
  • 3- or 4-pin pigtailed package
  • High reverse voltage
  • Fast response time


  • CATV, optical data transmission
  • Optical sensor networks
  • FTTx
  • O/E converter


Absolute Maximum Rating

Package Dimension

Pin Allocation (Bottom View)

Please note above pin allocation is sample only. Special pin allocation can be requested. Refer to the test data sheet attached with each photodiode for its pin allocation.

Ordering Information:

a: Fiber Type; a=9 for single mode 9/125 micron fiber; a=50 for multimode 50/125 micron fiber; a=62.5 for multimode 62.5/125 micron fiber.
d: Connector Type, d=FA for FC/APC, d=SU for SC/UPC, d=N for no connectors, etc.

Example: PD-A-25-9-1-FU

See also: 10Gbps High Speed PIN Detector with TIA Integrated and 1310nm FP Laser Diode and 1550nm DFB Laser Diode

analog optical fiber pigtailed photodetector photodiode PIN 2.5GHz 2.5Gbps cut-off frequency optical detector